Sv. Sv. Cyril and Methodius Temple

One of the first churches built in Sofia after the Russo-Turkish War (1878), is “St. Cyril and Methodius”. The temple plays an important role in the spiritual and educational mission of the Church through the difficult years of the revival of the Bulgarian nation after the liberation from Ottoman rule.

The icons of the iconostasis are rare and valuable, they are all works of famous Bulgarian artist like Ivan Dimitrov, Professor Stefan Ivanov, G. Zhelyazkov, prof. St. Badzhov and Apostol Hristov. The church board of the temple has had a substantial social and charitable role over the years, particularly significant between the two world wars. The collected money from the Temple are given to help the poor and sick, infirm, disabled and homeless by war refugees.

With the blessing and the methodological and practical support of the temple, its priests established in the parish a Youth center, full church choir, school of icon painting and church carvings, parish publishing center, the Centre for Religious Studies and consultations and courses on Orthodoxy since 2004. It is located at 47, George Washington Str.