St. Nikolay of Sofia Church

St. Nikolay of Sofia Church is one of the biggest in Bulgaria, designed by the architect Anton Torniov. The story of the church building is long and fraught with many obstacles and problems. In a silver reliquary rested part of the relics of the martyr, and another part was in “St. Sofia”. In the 70s of last century the reliquary was stolen, but “St. Sofia Church gave the other rest of the relics of the martyr. Nowadays, every year, on the eve of the feast, a solemn Great “Vechernya” is made a procession led by the relics of St. Nikolay to the grave of saint, which is the only preserved grave of a Bulgarian martyr. On May 17 a Divine Liturgy is given and the relics of the martyr are displayed for the faithful worshipers. It is located at 76, Pirotska Str.