Romanian Temple Sveta Troitsa

The church is owned by the Romanian Patriarchy. It was built in 1905 – 1908 and was consecrated on December 6, 1923 from the spiritual heads of the Romanian and Bulgarian churches. The architecture of the temple is in Romanian style of the 18th century – basilica with a narthex, a central dome and two smaller over the narthex. There are three Holy Alters – Central, Southern – dedicated to Arhangel Mihail and Arhangel Gavriil and Northern – Arhidyakon Stefan. The frescoes are from the school Bella-arte. During the bombing in 1944 the main dome was destroyed, but it was rebuilt and restored in 1948. The altar, pulpit and bishop’s throne are carved and donated by various churches in Romania. It is located at 152, Knyaz Boris I Str.