National Museum “Earth and Man”

National Museum “Earth and Man” is one of the major mineralogical museums in the world. It is located in the city center. The museum covers the mineral kingdom on earth in its different aspects – the environment, a source of raw materials and energy, subject to scientific knowledge, the subject of emotional and aesthetic impact. Over the years, until today, the museum works with many professionals in various fields of geosciences. The museum has a library, exhibition, conference and video rooms, and a number of laboratories. Financial resources for setting up the museum and the acquisition of mineral specimens are entirely by donations from individuals, companies and institutions. The museum’s collection is organized into seven funds, representative samples of which are set out in permanent exhibitions. In the exhibition halls temporary exhibitions are organized of specimens of particular interest or theme. The museum supports lots of cultural initiatives. One of the most important initiatives of the museum is the annual celebration of Earth Day in April and May.

Specialized scientific library museum “Earth and People” is established as a specialized unit of the museum to collect and store specialized scientific literature in the field of geology and mineralogy.
It is located at 4, Cherni vrah Blvd.