National Museum on the Ministry of Interior History

In 1907, the National Assembly approves Law on Police, where a Museum of police was supposed to be built. From there on, all the activities of this were driven by an understanding of the Museum as a vision of the Ministry of Interior. For the last few  years the museum has conducted targeted research, collective and research activity subject to a number of key objectives including: coordinating efforts of historians, researchers and people working in the police system to detect, study and preserve of archival materials, documents, photographs, weapons, uniforms, decorations and medals, memoir and personal belongings, donated to the Museum, including the Museum of the activities of national museum community, building museum collections of the Museum of regional Offices in the country. Among the priority activities of this institution is the expositional one. The two thematic exhibitions in 2006, “Children and Violence” (in conjunction with the official holiday of the Ministry of Interior), “125 years gendarmerie”, “Together Against Drugs” were attended by students from all schools in the area.
It is located at 30, Lavele Str.