Municipal cultural institute – House of Culture “Sredets”

2A, Krakra Str.

Winner of the badge “Golden Book” and Golden Seal awarded by the Council of Europe’s scientific and cultural community to contribute to the development of Bulgarian culture

House of Culture “Sredets” is the successor of the Municipal Youth Center, opened in 1974.

The home of culture is one of the most popular areas of traditional and contemporary art and culture in the country. Thanks to its good location in the city center and its hospitality to the bands and artists with different aesthetics and different ages, it is a continual source of new ideas and initiatives convenient for contacts, creative exchange and events.

The objectives of the Sredets house of culture include storage, production and dissemination of cultural values realized in the following areas:

• Artistic – organizes all music artists, theatrical and concert performances of the team back home and abroad: concerts, celebrations, competitions, festivals, exhibitions, etc.

• Advertising and Information – promote the activities of the House through printed materials, souvenirs, media coverage, PR events

• Educational Qualifications – organizes courses on various topics and duration, schools, discussions, lectures, seminars and more.

• Administrative and Business – provides administrative and financial services