National museum of military history

The National Museum of Military History (NMMH) is a state museum, which from its establishment until today is a structure of the Ministry of Defense .It investigates, preserves, processes scientifically and popularizes cultural valuables connected with the national and European military history. NMMH develops its activities throughout the country.

For its almost centennial presence in the cultural life, in the museum store are preserved and investigated more than 1 000 000 artifacts – witnesses of Bulgarian and European military history.

NMMH disposes of 41 decares of exterior and 5000 m. square of interior exposition area.

The exposition of the museum is designed in a thematic, chronological and collection plan. 28 000 exponents are displayed as a part of the one- millionth fund of the museum . An accent in the thematic-chronological part, which follows the development of the Bulgarian Army is its participation in the wars for national unification. The collection exhibition presents weapons, uniforms and insignia – the three oldest and richest collections of the museum.

The Library covers an access to about 15 000 volumes of specialized literature. Soon it will also provide electronic access to the collections of the museum.

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