The Meadow “Slaveykov’s oaks”

The Meadow “Slaveykov’s oaks” is a mixture of natural beauty and cultural monument of national importance. The site is green space and authentic heritage from the famous writers Petko and Pencho Slaveikovi. Slaveikov oak is the oldest tree in the park, it is more than 500 years old. The five-centuries-old tree is located on the St. Naum boulevard. According to an order of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism from May 19, 2005 this meadow was declared a cultural monument of national importance. However, it is the last survivor of the old oak grove of Sofia – Kurubaglar, so its 300-years-old oaks are declared protected natural sites. The place was a family garden of the Slaveikovi family. Here were the meetings of the four members of the “Misyl (Thought)” circle – Pencho Slaveikov, Peyo Yavorov, Petko Todorov, Dr. Krastev as well as Mara Belcheva, Boyan Penev and many other friends and public figures. It was here that Pencho Slaveikov wrote some of his most famous works. In the years since the death of Pencho Slaveikov until now the Slaveikov family insists this place be dedicated to the memory of two poets.
It is located in the frame, shaped by St. Naum blvd, Joan Ekzarch str., Sveta Gora str., and Chernorisetz Hrabar str.